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On the shore or out on the water, being prepared to handle an emergency situation is one of the most critical parts of boating safety. Do you know what to do and have what you need on board to respond if your boat is sinking, catches fire, or stops running? What if one of your passengers experiences an emergency? READ MORE >>

A heavy rainstorm has finally stopped. Or maybe a long winter has finally ended, and the deep snows have begun to melt. While good weather may seem like a relief, the potential for water damage may just be beginning. Storm water runoff can quickly overwhelm natural and manmade systems, leading to flooding and property damage. READ MORE >>

A slippery or uneven floor, sidewalk or parking lot that leads to a slip, trip or fall; a cluttered exit that prevents prompt evacuation in the event of an emergency; a visitor who is robbed or assaulted on your property: these are but a few examples that could pose hazards to public safety.  READ MORE >>

    Owning a home comes with security, pride and, of course, responsibility. As perhaps the most significant investment you will ever make, protecting it is obviously a priority. There is a lot of information about home insurance out there, but not all of it is necessarily true. READ MORE >>

5 Things to Know When You Shop for a Used Car Many people shy away from buying used cars because they’re worried about being saddled with a lemon. But it’s possible to find a great used vehicle. Just remember to follow these simple rules. Do a background check READ MORE >>

   Candles are enjoyable, calming and fragrant, but don't ever forget that when you burn them, you are dealing with fire. Always take proper precautions to prevent your enjoyable experience from turning into a disaster. According to the National Fire Protection Association, twice the average monthly number of candle fires occurs in December. READ MORE >>

The home of the future is no longer a dream. Today, there are countless products on the market with wireless capabilities, allowing you to control the lighting, music or heat in your home with a single touch or simple voice command. You can even wake up every morning to the sweet smell of a latte prepared just the way you like it! READ MORE >>

 Unless you take certain precautions, the coziness of a warm flame can quickly turn into a house fire and result in personal injury and property damage. CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE: Have your wood stove or fire place inspected annually by a certified chimney specialist.  READ MORE >>

The leading cause of clothes dryer fires is the failure to clean the appliance, lint filter and vent.  With a few simple safety tips you can help prevent a clothes dryer fire.    - Have your dryer installed and serviced by a professional.    READ MORE >>

    Do you know the total value of your possessions? You likely have a sense of the major things you own, but the complete picture can prove difficult to discern. If ever a catastrophe or robbery strikes, your home insurance company will ask you to estimate the cumulative worth of your belongings so that you can receive the correct compensation. READ MORE >>

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