Commercial Insurance Winnipeg

At Nation West Insurance our team is proud to reflect the exceptional community that we serve. With years of experience, our industry-leading Canadian Brokerage offers our clients carefully designed commercial insurance plans. Every company faces unique risks in the world of business. We work with numerous markets to ensure you’ll receive various insurance products and affordable rates. Our insurance company strives to support clients on a national level through our home office in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Whether you’re looking for coverage in business, retail, and manufacturing, our insurance specialists will provide the professional services and comprehensive coverage required for your commercial insurance desires.


Business Insurance

Whether you own a large or small business, you need an insurance package that fits the particular needs, budget, and future of your company. Our professional brokers will familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of your business to ensure that the insurance plan offers the right protection. Our insurance plans will cover commercial real estate, building construction management, manufacturing equipment, and more. Protect your business with us today.

Retail Insurance 

When running your own commercial retail store, having protection from the unforeseen risks of fire, theft, or loss of company income is vital to preserving the bones of your company. We can help you protect your business. Our retail insurance plans can be tailored to meet the needs of your commercial property, whether it’s for clothing, grocery, convenience, dry cleaning, books, appliances, restaurants, and more. Remove the stresses of worrying about the well-being of your retail business, and let us take care of it for you.


Manufacturing Insurance 

The business of manufacturing and wholesaling requires insurance policies that concentrate on protecting your business and commercial property. We offer business property insurance for your base of operations and coverage that takes care of your equipment, products, employees, lawsuits, and more. Our insurance company understands that the factories and manufacturers of today are continuously advancing, which is why our insurance plans are made to accommodate emerging technologies and practices in the industry.

Non-Profit Insurance 

Non-profit organizations offer a large amount of support to causes and communities worldwide. While they may not receive a profit for their help, they can still face unforeseen risks. With this plan, your organization will receive professional, general, and product liability insurance, along with property insurance. Our policies can offer support against potential claims and provide protection for your commercial property, bodily injuries, and more. We can customize the insurance contract to fit the budget and needs of your organization so you can focus on the cause and communities that are important to you.


Bonding / Surety

Surety bonds are integral in facilitating an agreement between three parties. The agreement will include the Principal, the Surety, and the Obligee. Why is this process important? A bonded business will receive unbiased criticism from a credit professional when they are looking to receive advice on underwriting projects. The bonds that we handle include contract performance, bidding, maintenance, payment, supply, and more. Contact Nation West Inc. for more information on surety bonds.

Transportation Insurance

Nation West offers a variety of commercial transportation insurance options, including coverage for:

  • Commercial Truck
  • Owner Operator
  • Moving and Storage
  • Bus and Motor Coach
Contractors working together

Contractors & Construction Insurance

Whether you’re a general contractor, painter, electrician, plumber, roofer, framer, interior designer, drywaller, decorator, or offer contracting services in another trade or discipline, finding and selecting the right insurance coverage is paramount. From accidents involving the company vehicle to inadvertent property damage, each contracting business faces its own unique set of potential risks and challenges.

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