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If you’re in the commercial transportation industry, you know all too well the tremendous complexities involved in coordinating countless moving parts to achieve the seamless and timely delivery of products, services, and/or people. From mom-and-pop delivery services to tour bus operators, long-haul trucking companies, moving companies, and more, every commercial transportation operation aims to achieve outstanding safety, precision, and customer service.

But what happens when the unthinkable occurs and something goes wrong? Would your commercial transportation business be able to financially weather a serious equipment breakdown, accident, loss of cargo, or act of negligence? Are you prepared to shoulder the potentially overwhelming burden of legal fees and lost income associated with a lawsuit against your company?

Unfortunately, no matter how meticulous you are in your safety protocols and how excellent your company’s track record is, there are always risks involved in commercial transportation services. Fortunately, Nation West Inc. is dedicated to helping you mitigate those risks with commercial transportation insurance coverage custom-tailored to the specific budget and needs of your business.

At Nation West, our friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced team gets to know each commercial transportation industry client on an individual basis. Have further questions about commercial transportation insurance after reading the information below? Contact us directly to learn more!

What Is Commercial Transportation Insurance?

Commercial transportation insurance refers to a subset of auto insurance coverage that pertains directly to trucking, transport, and logistics operators. It is required by law across most regions of Canada and is a critical element of protection for operations ranging from sole employee owner-operator businesses to national trucking fleets with hundreds of vehicles on the road every day.

Many factors, including the size, nature, and location of your transportation business, as well as your coverage goals, will determine the specifics of the commercial transportation plan you ultimately select. At Nation West Inc., we have built trusted relationships with Canada’s top-tier insurance providers and can assist you in putting together a commercial transportation insurance package that will offer maximum peace of mind within the parameters of your budget.

What Does Commercial Transportation Insurance Cover?

No two commercial transportation insurance policies are identical, which is why it’s so vital to have an experienced and customer-oriented team, like the team at Nation West, helping you understand your options and build the coverage solution that works best for your business. Commercial transportation insurance commonly includes:

  • Mandatory vehicle insurance coverage
  • Coverage for legal expenses
  • Coverage for third-party injuries and/or property damage caused by acts of negligence
  • Cargo coverage
  • Crime coverage
  • Equipment breakdown coverage

More comprehensive plans may also include property coverage, business interruption insurance, and a wide range of other specialized coverage options based on the specific needs of the business.

The four categories of commercial transportation insurance below are those most commonly sought out by our transportation industry clients at Nation West Inc. Looking for something else? Contact us directly for information about other options.

Commercial Truck Coverage

Commercial truck coverage is a category of commercial transportation insurance that is specifically designed to meet the needs of trucking companies:

  • Basic commercial truck coverage policies typically cover damages to your business’s trucks caused by accidents.
  • More comprehensive commercial truck coverage policies typically cover damages to your business’s trucks stemming from a wider variety of perils and causes.
  • Non-trucking liability coverage can be added to commercial truck coverage policies to protect against damages that occur to your business’s trucks when they’re not actively transporting cargo.

Commercial trucking insurance is recommended for:

  • Commercial transportation companies
  • Any business that involves vehicles being driven for transportation purposes
Commercial Truck

Owner-Operator Coverage

Truck Driver

Owner-operator coverage is a category of commercial transportation insurance that is specifically designed to meet the needs of self-employed truck drivers who own and operate their own rigs.

  • Owner-operator coverage offers comprehensive protection for your assets and livelihood and can be customized based on the specific needs of your business.

Owner-operator coverage is recommended for:

  • Independent owner-operators driving under their own authority or under a permanent lease to a transportation company

Moving and Storage Coverage

Moving and storage coverage is a category of commercial transportation insurance that is specifically designed to meet the needs of moving and storage service providers.

  • Policies are tailored to the needs of moving and storage industry clients to offer comprehensive protection in the event of unexpected accidents or perils.

Moving storage coverage is recommended for:

  • Moving companies, including military movers and movers with warehouse storage
  • International shipping companies
  • Companies that transport exhibits, displays, or artwork
Storage Warehouse

Bus and Motorcoach Coverage

Bus driving on road

Bus and motorcoach coverage is a category of commercial transportation insurance specifically designed to meet the needs of bus companies and transportation services for people.

  • Bus and motorcoach coverage often combines commercial auto insurance with commercial general liability coverage.
  • It can include a wide variety of different options depending on the specific needs of the business.

Bus and motorcoach coverage is recommended for:

  • Motorcoach bus companies
  • School bus companies
  • Airport shuttle services
  • Employee shuttle services
  • Executive transportation and limousine services

Who Needs Commercial Transportation Insurance?

If your business involves any of the following, commercial transportation insurance is likely an essential investment:

  • Transportation and/or delivery services (including the transportation of customers or employees)
  • The operation of vehicles by employees
  • Vehicles that transport work-related equipment or have work-related equipment installed
  • Vehicles that are registered under your company’s name

Wondering whether or not commercial transport insurance is the right fit for your company’s needs? Contact us at Nation West and we’ll help you to determine the answer.

Whether you’re researching commercial transportation insurance for the first time or looking to make a switch from your current policy, our knowledgeable team at Nation West Inc. looks forward to meeting you and exceeding your expectations. Call us or visit us at a location near you to get started optimizing your commercial transportation insurance policy today!

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