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Insurance for Your Winnipeg Home.

Theft, fire damage, and extreme weather events—if you own a home, you’re probably concerned about how you’d pay for these damages. 

You can’t predict when the unexpected will happen, but you can protect yourself from it. Use your insurance to cover any surprise expenses that come with owning a house in Manitoba.

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With a basic, affordable home insurance policy, you’ll get coverage for:

Your personal property

If your belongings are damaged, lost, or destroyed, your Winnipeg home insurance will kick in to cover the costs. You can cover any property stored inside your home; your furniture, electronics, artwork, sports equipment, instruments, jewellery, and more. 

Additional living expenses

Need to stay somewhere else while your house is being repaired? Your Winnipeg home insurance policy will cover any extra living expenses you face, from hotel fees to takeout meals.

Other structures on your property

This applies to any additional structures outside your home, like your storage shed and garage. Your basic home insurance premiums will cover these structures.

Liability coverage

If someone is injured while visiting your home, or you accidentally cause property damage to another home, you could be held liable for the damages. With personal liability coverage included in your Winnipeg home insurance policy, you’ll get protection for legal expenses.

What Are Some Optional Protections Available?

Not all accidents are covered by basic home insurance in Winnipeg. Luckily, there’s a way to get even more coverage: By adding an endorsement to your policy. Also called “riders”, these add-ons give you protection from additional perils. 

Keep in mind that your eligibility depends on your location—areas prone to flooding may not qualify for overland flooding insurance. 

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Depending on where you live in Manitoba, you can choose from the following:

  • Sewer backup: If raw sewage backs up into your home, the effects can be devastating. It’s a major health hazard, and anything it touches will need to be replaced. The sewer backup endorsement on your home insurance kicks in when your sump pump fails or there’s a clog in the sewer line.
  • Overland water: Get extra protection from water damage through your home insurance with this endorsement.
  • Watercraft: Love to take your sailboat or motorboat cruising along Lake Winnipeg? Make sure it’s protected with watercraft coverage.
  • Home-based business: Self-employment is more popular than ever. But if you run your business from home, you need extra home insurance coverage for your personal liability and office equipment.
  • Home equipment breakdown coverage: There’s nothing worse than an HVAC system that gives out in the middle of winter. Get your repair or replacement costs covered with this endorsement.
  • Identity theft: Protect yourself from the financial consequences of identity theft with this insurance.
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How Much Does Home Insurance Cost in Manitoba?

Your costs vary based on where you live in Manitoba. To determine your premiums, home insurance companies look at your area’s claims data, risk exposure levels, and experience ratings. 

In Winnipeg, the average monthly cost of home insurance is $115, but in Brandon, it’s closer to $170

We’ll dive into exactly what determines your home insurance costs down below:

What Factors Determine the Cost of House Insurance?

The home you buy. The neighbourhood you live in. The lifestyle you lead. So many factors can affect the cost of your home insurance in Winnipeg. A few of the big ones include:

  • The year your home was built
  • The proximity to a fire station or fire hydrant
  • Your home insurance claims history
  • The rates of flooding, fires, and vandalism in your area
  • The construction materials your home was built with
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What Are Some Ways To Save on Home Insurance in Winnipeg?

Feel like you’re paying too much for Winnipeg home insurance? There are plenty of ways to save on your policy. Check out the following:

  • Pay off your mortgage
  • Maintain a good credit score
  • Install a security system
  • Replace your roof
  • Update your plumbing and electrical

Claims Example & the Process of Filing

In Manitoba, water damage is one of the most common reasons for a home insurance claim. But why does water damage happen?

It can happen out of the blue when an old plumbing line leaks. It can result when pipes freeze and burst in the winter. And it can happen from human error, too—like if you leave the tap running after heading out. 

In minutes, one water leak can lead to thousands of dollars in damage. With the right home insurance protection, you can rest assured knowing your costs will be covered. 

If you ever need to make an insurance claim, the process can seem daunting. Don’t worry: When you work with Nation West, we’ll be there to help you every step of the way. 

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