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Checking Your Vehicle – Tips from Manitoba Public Insurance

As a driver, you’re responsible for ensuring your vehicle is safe to drive.

A vehicle should be checked at least twice a year by a qualified mechanic to make sure it’s in working condition. But there are some things you can check each time before you get on the road: Take a walk around your vehicle and check to see that the bumpers aren’t damaged, and look at each of the tires to see if they appear to have the right air pressure. Make sure the licence plate, window and lights are clean. Make sure the seatbelts are in working order. Check that your mirrors are clean and align properly, and that you have your registration and driver’s licence. Ensure your lights, brakes, horn and windshield wipers work. It’s also important to do a glance at your dashboard and make sure you have fuel, there are no warning lights, and your speedometer and odometer are functioning. Checking your vehicle inside and out before you leave will help ensure it’s safe to drive and could potentially prevent a collision.

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