Home Equipment Breakdown Coverage: Why It’s Important.

Home Equipment Breakdown Coverage

It takes a lot of expensive equipment to keep a home running smoothly these days. Heating and cooling systems. Audio and video components. Kitchen and laundry appliances. Pools and spas. Sooner or later, something is going to break down when you least expect it. And chances are you haven’t budgeted for repairs. But with Home Equipment Breakdown Coverage, you don’t have to. It protects you from costly equipment repairs for less than you ever imagined.

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Why Home Equipment Breakdown Coverage

It Fills the Gap in Your Primary Policy
Most homeowners policies don’t cover the equipment in your home if it breaks down. Extended warranties? They’re often expensive, hard to manage, and usually just cover one piece of equipment. But Home Equipment Breakdown Coverage offers a simple, comprehensive, and affordable solution that covers what most homeowners policies exclude.

It Protects Your Personal Property and Important Systems
Home Equipment Breakdown Coverage covers all of your important home systems and property due to loss by mechanical or electrical breakdown. That includes home security systems, personal computers, home electronics, appliances, heating and cooling systems, swimming pool equipment, water heaters, well pumps, garden tractors and more.

It Covers You if Your Home Become Inhabitable
Home Equipment Breakdown Coverage even covers you if your home becomes uninhabitable due to equipment breakdown. That’s another benefit most warranties and service contracts don’t offer.

It Is Eco-Friendly and Safety Conscious
Your insurance company will pay your additional cost to replace equipment with options that are more environmentally friendly, safer, or more energy-efficient.

It’s the Smart Thing to Do
The following examples of actual claims show why having Home Equipment Breakdown Coverage is a smart decision.

A family’s HVAC system was not producing cold air. An examination revealed that a short circuit had burned out the AC compressor motor. The entire condensing unit was replaced, as it was not cost effective to repair or replace the motor. After the deductible, their Home Equipment Breakdown Coverage paid them $2,150 for the replacement.

Dad was in the den working on his computer while the kids gathered in the family room to watch a movie. Suddenly, a short circuit at a nearby substation caused a power surge that damaged their home theatre components and the computer. After the deductible, their Home Equipment Breakdown Coverage paid them $1,637 for their loss.

It’s Time to Call Your Broker. Contact your insurance broker to learn about all the advantages of Home Equipment Breakdown Coverage—including its affordable price. Sooner or later an important piece of equipment in your home is going to break down. Don’t leave yourself unprotected! Talk to your Nation West Insurance Broker today!

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