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Top 5 Insurance Claims

When you live in a home, accidents happen. You can do your best to prevent them, but sometimes things just happen no matter what. It’s good to know what are the common accidents that do happen so you can best be prepared when you go over your home insurance policy

Here are the top five home insurance claims.

  1. Water Damage: Water damage is common no matter where you live. Even in non-flood prone areas, water damage can occur from leaky pipes or a simple rain storm. Always get a policy that covers water damage no matter where you live.
  2. Wind and Hail: Wind and hail can wreck the outside of a house and bust up windows. Depending on where you live, make sure you have adequate coverage for this severe weather.
  3. Personal accidents: If a friend, family member or visitor takes a tumble or suffers an injury at your house, it’s best to make sure you’re protected financially. Get accident liability insurance for your home.
  4. Dog attacks: As a dog owner, always be aware of what your dog is doing, especially with guests in the house. Keep your dog on a leash or outside and make sure they aren’t causing trouble. If you have dogs, make sure to have proper liability insurance just in case the worst happens.
  5. Fire: The loss of your home through a fire is heartbreaking enough, so don’t be even more troubled by not having proper coverage of your home. Make sure you keep a list of all the valuables and properties inside your house, so when the worst happens, you’ll be prepared to try and recoup what you lost.

These are only a handful of the top claims. There are many more and you have to make sure you have the right coverage that fits you and where your home is.

We want to make sure you have the right coverage in times of need. Contact our brokers: Amanda Camara at 1-888-953-4630 Ext. 210 to discuss your coverage.

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